Shocking new details released on Sasko murder trial

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – A 19-year-old accused of killing a Topeka and Lawrence businessman in January says she “wanted to know what it felt like”.

Shocking, graphic details have recently come out in the case that’s set to go to trial in August. At a recent hearing prosecutors alleged Sarah McLinn bound and gagged her victim before nearly severing his head.

“Well, she’s a 19-year-old girl,” says McLinn’s Attorney Carl Cornwell. “I can tell you what you heard in there was interesting.”

It’s alleged that McLinn murdered 52-year-old Lawrence businessman Harold Sasko on January 14 and fled. The two lived together in a Lawrence home as friends, but according to McLinn, Sasko frequently got drunk and made passes at her.

According to testimony, one day before his death, Sasko sent McLinn a text message apologizing for trying to have sex with her but a co-worker and friend of Sasko’s says that’s simply not true.

“I know he was not in that kind of relationship,” says Everado Cazares, co-worker and friend.

A Lawrence detective testified that McLinn drugged Sasko before killing him by crushing 5 sleeping pills into his beer.

Once unconscious, his hands and feet were bound with zipties to restrain him. Cut zipties were found at the scene and McLinn told police she hesitated for a moment before going through with the murder when Sasko mumbled something but she then felt for his pulse and plunged the knife as far down as she could.

A coroner testified that Sasko’s neck had been cut from side to side all the way down to the bone using a sawing motion with a large hunting knife. McLinn then dipped a towel in his blood, smeared it on the wall, and tried to write the word “freedom.”

Detectives say McLinn had practiced the murder by cutting the throat of multiple rabbits in the same manner in which she then skinned, cleaned, and ate.

McLinn told police she’s had violent thoughts. She simply wanted to kill someone and fixated on Sasko five days before he was murdered.

“He was a really nice person, he helped everybody and in fact he was helping Sarah.” Said Cazares

McLinn’s attorney has entered pleas of not guilty and will rely on a defense of mental disease or defect arguing that’s she’s not criminally responsible for her actions.

McLinn’s trial is set to start August 4th.

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