Post office approved for town of Reading

“I’m just real excited about it. I think it’s good news. Now the problem is just finding a building that’s going to work. But we really want it so I’m sure that’s something that we’re going to put as top priority.”Said Reading resident, Rosalie Voorhees who has lived in Reading for nearly 50 years.

After Friday night, she’s one step closer to getting the post office back after it and much of the town was destroyed in a tornado three years ago.

The town has 200 residents dozens of whom came to ask questions at a meeting for a new post office.

A Real Estate Agent from the United State Postal Service, Angela Kuhl says an existing 700 square foot building is needed.
“Because of money an existing building is what we’re looking for.”

It will distribute boxes and stamps but have no carriers to deliver the mail.
Voorhees says, convenience was the biggest issue
“When you get ready to do Christmas cards I ship packages to the grandchildren and our children. So it will be really handy for us and really nice.”Said Voorhees.

The next step in the process is to wait and see if anyone appeals the project.
If no one appeals, then things move forward.
But for now, people are just happy to see possible comeback for their town.

“I think it made everybody feel like somebody was listening to us. after a disaster like this you really feel like you’ve kind of been we know we haven’t.”Said Voorhees.

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