Girls bonding over rare surgery

A rare surgery called rotationplasty is bringing together two girls.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us their families are supporting each other.

6-year-old Isabella smith got caught under her grandfather’s lawn mower at the beginning of this month… on May 1st.

“My dad was mowing the back yard and she had been playing in the front yard and she knew after the accident happened, she keep repeating, I know I’m not suppose to be by the lawn mower while he’s mowing,” Smith’s mother Stephanie Williams said.

The lawn mower ripped a large hole at the top of smith’s leg.

A few weeks ago she had a rare surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

It’s called rotationplasty, which involves reattaching the lower part of the leg backwards to the upper thigh.

“This is a big deal surgery, this is something where there are lots of risks and complications, there are a lot of things that can go wrong,” Orthopedic Surgeon at KU Medical Center Kim Templeton said.

The procedure makes it easier for her to wear and operate a prosthetic.

7 Years ago, 14-year-old Alexis Platt had the same surgery after she was told she had bone cancer in her leg.

The hospital told her that Smith had the same surgery.

Platt says she’s visited her several times and they’re bonding as they adapt to these difficulties together.

“Not a lot of people know, like how it’s going to feel after they get through the surgery and how it, if they can even walk so I thought it would be a good experience for her to have someone that had the surgery to talk to her about it,” Platt.

Platt’s father says they just wanted to show Smith’s family some support.

“It was nice being able to talk to them and give them an idea of what to expect, what’s getting ready to happen, it’s a long journey,” Platt’s father Bill Platt said.

KU Medical Center has only performed this surgery 3 times in the past 15 years.

Smith is their third patient.

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