Remember Our Heros

It’s Memorial Day, a day to honor the men and women who protect and serve our country.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us a ceremony was held to do just that.

The ceremony touched the hearts of many Topekans, particularly a veteran’s daughter.

Flags were waiving in the wind and graves had flowers on them.

“You know it really even hit home more,” Qualls said.

Kimberly Qualls’ father was in the Korean War and died just months after coming back to the states.

She says Memorial Say is a day she holds very dear.

“It’s good that we don’t forget all of those who everyday put their lives on the line so that we can be here,” Qualls said.

She submitted a photo of him to the Penwell-Gabel Cemetery and Mausoleum in honor of his service.

His picture is up on a Wall of Tribute.

This is the eigth year the wall has been displayed.

It showcases military and civic heros like police officers who’ve served in both the past and present.

“That there’s so many that have gone before us and there still so many everyday, you know over seas,” Qualls said.

Topeka High’s ROTC marched to show tribute as part of the cemetery’s ceremony.

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts gave a speech…and Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller made remarks about a fellow officer who was a veteran that died last year.

“It should be more than once, one day a year but we all know how busy life is,” Qualls said.

Anyone can submit a photo to the cemetery’s office to be added to the wall.

Another remembrance service was held at the same time at the Mount Hope Cemetery at 17th and Fairlawn.

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