Neighbors help Korean War vet save home


Neighbors in Jacksonville, Florida’s Springfield neighborhood joined together to help one of their own Saturday.

John Foster, 87, is a Korean War veteran who lives with his daughter, Doris, 53. In April, their worlds were turned upside down when they faced the possibility of losing their home.

“We worried quite a bit. We worried every day about what we were going to do,” Foster said.

The City of Jacksonville sent the pair a letter instructing them to fix up their house or pay $250 a day in code enforcement fines.

Foster said the exterior of the two-story house seemed to be the biggest issue. “They wanted the woodwork repaired.”

The problem was Foster and his daughter couldn’t afford to pay the fines or do the work themselves. Foster requires a lot of assistance from his daughter to get around without falling.

“If I was to climb a ladder, that knee would give out all together,” he said.

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