Former KBI Deputy Director placed on probation

The former Deputy Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who had sexually explicit photos of an underage girl is talking about the crime. Kyle Smith was sentenced Wednesday to three years probation. Nicolette Schleisman was in the courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

Kyle Smith was sentenced to three years probation in the Shawnee County District Court. Back in March, he admitted to having an inappropriate photo of an underage girl. Before hearing his sentence, Kyle Smith made a statement to the courtroom, talking about his behavior before this scandal started.

“The only thing I can hope for is my very public, very large crash to the bottom might wake somebody else up,” said Smith.

He says he is sorry for it. “Apologizing to family members, my mother, my kids, people at my church who I let down, I let down a lot of people including myself,” said Smith.

In November, Smith accidentally sent an e-mail to the KBI secretary containing a picture of an underage girl in a sexually explicit pose.

“I lost my job, I lost my career, my home, my fiancee, the grand kids that she had,” said Smith.

Wednesday in the Shawnee County District Court, a psychiatrist who evaluated Smith said he believes Smith is serious about his treatment. The doctor testified that Smith has been in a treatment program for months. The doctor says that involvement would reduce the chance of Smith committing the same crime again.

Smith says he knows who is to blame.

“I want to clearly state that this is my own doing, I am entirely responsible for the consequences in this prosecution and nobody to blame but myself,” said Smith.

Shawnee County District Court Judge Cheryl Kingfisher handed down his sentence. Smith must also register as a sex offender for 25 years, and continue the treatment program.

“You’ve had a long and active career, and I hope you are able to do something good with the time that you have left,” said Kingfisher.

If Smith gets in trouble again while on probation, he could face 32 months in jail.

Smith worked in law enforcement for 30 yeras. In 2011 he was named Deputy Director at the KBI. He abruptly left in November of last year, that is the same time when the e-mail was sent.

Smith was arrested and charged in February. As part of the sentence, Smith cannot be a law enforcement officer again.


Former Kansas Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Kyle Smith has been placed on probation for 36 months at a sentencing this afternoon by Shawnee County District Court Judge Cheryl Kingfisher.

On November 7th, a KBI secretary opened an email from an address Smith had used before and saw what appeared to be an underage girl in a sexually explicit pose and immediately informed her superiors. A pediatric doctor confirmed the girl in the photo was under 18.

Back in February, Smith’s Attorney, Thomas Haney told Kansas First News his client never had any personal contact with a minor.

The KBI announced his departure on December 9, 2013 but didn’t give a reason.

The 58 year-old Smith pleaded guilty in March to Sexual Exploitation of a Child and entered the guilty plea.

Smith admitted to knowingly possessing a picture of a nude teenager. In November, Smith claimed he accidentally sent a picture of a young, underage girl, posed in a sexually explicit manner to the secretary of the KBI from a Yahoo account.

Kansas First News will have more on this story tonight on air at 5 and 6.

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