Building collapses in downtown Council Grove


City leaders in Council Grove have voted to condemn the collapsing building a danger to the public. This building began to crumble Monday and has gotten worse as the week has progressed.

Owner of the structure is being told demolish the building immediately. The collapsing building has two businesses attached to it, which is causing some worry for business owners.

City Administrator, Danny Matthews says they hope to have the building down by the end of the weekend.

“The building is still moving and we just got a report from a local person that they heard cracks and popping going on again..and the roof on it is acting like it’s still coming down. So it’s still unstable.”

The owner of the building has had the building for 5 years, and since a year ago he no longer has insurance covering the structure.

The city council recessed their meeting until tomorrow morning at 10 when they can discuss more on the demolition.

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