Find alternative routes on I-70 to avoid accidents

A Thursday morning accident caused a traffic tie-up on Interstate 70 east of downtown Topeka.

It happened around 7:40 in the westbound lanes of I-70 just east of California avenue. The four-vehicle accident happened near a construction zone where the two lanes of interstate traffic narrow to one lane through downtown Topeka.

A Topeka police watch commander said one person had minor injuries.

The Kansas Department of Transportation was helping police officers to detour rush hour traffic in the area and just 24 hours before that crash there was another crash in nearly the same place that happened Wednesday morning around eight.

If you’re heading this way westbound to Topeka on I-70, toll booth operators are handing a paper that gives instructions on how to avoid the long stretch of construction you see on this map.

The westbound work zone is the largest at about 3 miles long. The work being done on both sides reduces traffic to only one lane each direction.

The Kansas Department of Transportation says drivers should be alert to the warning signs to avoid future accidents.

“Always that first week takes, takes a lot for drivers to become accustomed to what’s going on and for them to you know figure out oh I need to allow this much extra time or potentially use alternate routes,” says KDOT Public Affairs Manager Kimberly Qualls.

The speed limit is 50 miles an hour in the work zone. Construction on the interstate is set to be completed in December. KDOT has a list of alternative routes to get around the construction zone.

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