Westar’s new Pay As You Go program

A release from Westar Energy said that The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved Westar Energy’s  “Pay As You Go” pilot program. The voluntary prepayment pilot program allows up to 1,000 customers to prepay for their electricity.
“Customers let us know they want more options in how they do business with us,” Jeff Beasley, vice president, customer care, said. “

They compare Westar to other companies’ products and services such as prepaid cell phones and access to timely usage information. We want to meet those expectations and give our customers more product and service options that fit their lifestyle. This pilot program will let them determine the value of these options.

Up to 1,000 residential customers will have the oppertunity to participate in the voluntary program. In order to qualify, customers must already have an advanced digital meter installed on their home. Westar customers in Lawrence, Silver Lake, Rossville and parts of Wichita are, or will soon be, fitted with the new meters.

Customers will need to deposit at least $35 in their Pay As You Go account to enroll in the program; this will be applied toward their initial electricity use. After that initial payment, customers can pay as much or as little as they like and when they like, so long as they keep a positive balance on the account.

The program offers customers several options for tracking electricity use and frequent communication regarding their account status, including a special website and a mobile application that will provide usage information. Customers may also sign up for text messages, email or phone calls that will be sent when the balance reaches a predetermined level.

A video and FAQ for the program can be found at WestarEnergy.com/payg.

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