Bergdahl controversy grows


Controversy is growing over the prisoner swap that freed the last American prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

Fellow soldiers are charging that Bowe Bergdahl deserted, putting put them through what a massive search that cost American lives.

For now Bergdahl will stay at a U.S. hospital in Germany, far from Idaho, where he grew up.

The five Taliban exchanged for Bergdahl are in Qatar, where they were welcomed as heroes.  They’re described as senior leaders, who critics say should still be in Guantanamo.

“We gave the Taliban their starting team back,” says Rep. Jason Chaffetz.  “We put the five guys that have led their organization, alllegedly killed thousands of people, been responsible for that,  back into home confinement which could potentially lead to them being back on the battlefield.”

The White House says that won’t happen, and that the five men will be monitored.

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