Brownback welcomes honor flight members to Capitol


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was on hand to welcome honor flight members to Topeka.

The Governor and Major General Lee Tafanelli, the Kansas Adjutant General met and thanked the recipients as they got off a bus at the Captiol.

The honor flight veterans stopped briefly to tour the Capitol as they head to Washtington D.C.

Vietnam Veteran James Wagner says it means a lot to him that he can take this trip with his father.

“My dad’s been in two wars, my grandpa was the oldest living marine up until a couple of years ago, he died at 106 years old and you know its just a proud thing to be in that family of people that have served the country.”

Once the vets get to the nation’s capitol they will be greeted by State Senator Elaine Bowers.

The two day schedule includes visits to a variety of war memorials, as well as Arlington National Cemetery.

They will also tour the White House, climb up the Washington Monument and see the Lincoln Memorial.

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