Water main break causes disruption on Wanamaker

At approximately 6:30 Tuesday morning a baseball size hole busted through a 16 inch water main pipe on SW Wanamaker Road in Topeka which made for a wet and muddy fix for city workers.

The break caused three restaurants to shut down during the lunch hour. I-Hop, Longhorn Steakhouse and Chili’s were all hoping to open back up when the main was fixed, all were forced to close their doors because of the break.


To repair the pipe, large equipment was rolled in causing eastbound SW 17th Street traffic to be closed between Wanamaker and Arvonia. The right southbound lane of Wanamaker was also closed down.

City crews say the fix was quite a project.

“Anytime we have a break in in a high visibility area, where we’re affecting the public especially the number of people that we’re affecting here then we put a high priority,” says Water Services Manager Charlie Shinn. “We put everything in motion that we could put in motion to get this done as quickly as possible.”

Crews put a repair clamp around the hole stopping the flow. The City hopes the water is good to go just in time for the dinner rush.


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