All 3 Tiger cubs over 8 pound mark

The City of Topeka reported on Tuesday that at 30 days old, the three Sumatran Tiger cubs at the Topeka Zoo are about a third of the way to making their public debut.

“The cubs continue to do really well,” Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said.  “They are gaining weight steadily.  Right now, that is exactly what we want to see.”  Each of the cubs are now over the eight-pound mark.

Zoo staff is also seeing other signs of normal cub development.  “They still sleep a lot,” Wiley said.  “We are starting to see them play more and more with each other and have even heard at least one of them chuff.”  Chuffing is a sound made by tigers that is similar to purring in domesticated cats.

The Zoo says the best news of all surrounds Jingga, the mother of the cubs.  Inflammation around Jingga’s mammary glands has subsided and she is back to providing most of the nutrition to the cubs.  Zoo caregivers are supplementing with one feeding daily, and anticipate that won’t be needed much longer.

CLICK HERE to watch a video taken on Monday.

Cub Weight Chart 6-3-2014 Four Week Old Cub Nursing

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