Bern picking up after massive storm

Locals in Bern looking through rubble after high winds and a large storm destroyed their sheds. (KSNT Photo/Don Bolerjack)

BERN, Kan. (KSNT) – One person was injured and nearly five homes and properties seriously damaged from severe weather Tuesday night.

Now, locals in the town of Bern are picking up the pieces from this massive storm.

Locals in Bern are scavenging for belongings that weren’t damaged by Tuesday night’s dangerously high winds.

Leroy Meyer and his wife have lived in their home for over 70 years, across the street, lives Meyers brother and his wife, who have kids of their own. Both properties were hit hard by the severe storm.

“We knew something was going on but we couldn’t see a thing until it was all over in the matter of minutes,” says Meyer. “It just got quiet and i looked out.”

Nemaha County Sheriff’s Department has reported that only one person was injured from the wreckage but law enforcement is still searching the area for other damage.

“It’s going to do some affecting, insurance will never pay for everything that’s damaged.”

The Nemaha County Sheriffs Department says that nearly five homes were damaged including barns as well as crops from the high winds but one home was completely destroyed. Laverne Grose and his wife Rita made it just seconds before their home was bulldozed by winds.

“When I got to the basement a loud noises started happening and my ears started popping, says Laverne. “I knew before we came out of the basement that the house was destroyed, because you could hear it.”

Only a few things were salvaged, but the whole experience has left everyone in Bern shocked.

“I’ve never been to the basement more than twice in my life but this is one of the times I went down there and thank the Lord me and the wife are both safe.”

The storms caused a number of power lines to fall in the area. At one point, nearly 3,000 customers were without power in Nemaha and Brown counties with the bulk of them being in Brown county.

Most had power restored by mid-morning.

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