Brown County residents clean up after EF 1 tornado

A farm house near Everest, Kan. Glenn Leitch's farm hit about 11:40 p.m. June 3, 2014. Three people were in the home, everyone was fine.(KSNT Photo/Nicolette Schleisman)

It was a long night for residents of Brown County. A tornado ripped through just North of Everest, heavily damaging homes. Kansas First News Reporter Nicolette Schleisman was there as residents were helping one family hit hard try to rebuild.

When the storm hit Everest Tuesday night, Sharyl Leitch, her father-in-law and granddaughter were asleep in the house, minutes after they use. Minutes after they got in the basement, the storm hit their home.

“I could just tell by the sound of the storm it was getting pretty intense outside,” said Leitch.

Leitch was staying with her father-in-law who had just gotten out of the hospital when an EF 1 tornado hit. They were asleep and had to be called several times before they made it to the basement.

“The power had gone out […] It was a little bit kind of scary getting down the steps […] As we were going down the steps, the door sucked shut on the house,” said Leitch.

About 8 minutes after they were in the basement, it started to fill with water. That is when Leitch realized something.

“Debris was all over the window, and it was like oh no I think a tornado may have hit,” said Leitch.

They did not know the magnitude of the damage until sunrise. That is when neighbors started showing up to help salvage what they could.

“They’re here helping an old man who just had a stroke and lost his home and everything he had,” said Dolly Wilson, who was helping the clean up process.

Leitch’s father-in-law built his home and his farm. After the tornado, four grain bins were gone, sheds were destroyed, and the roof was collapsing into his home.

“We’ll get through this. The best thing is that all of them were safe, none of them were hurt,” said Wilson.

The storm hit several other homes in the area north of Everest. There have been no reports of injuries.

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