Two tornadoes confirmed from Tuesday’s storms in Northeast Kansas

Damage near Bern
Tornado path through Nemaha County on June 3.


Path of tornado through Brown County on June 3.


Preliminary storm survey information confirms that two tornadoes hit Nemaha and Brown counties late Tuesday evening.

The first, and stronger, tornado formed 4 miles west of Bern and stayed on the ground for nearly 7 miles. The tornado lifted about 3 miles south of Bern. This tornado has been rated an EF-3 with winds near 140mph. This tornado was 1,000 yards wide at its peak–that’s a little more than 1/2 mile wide.

The second tornado hit southern Brown County. This tornado tracked for about 2.5 miles from 1.5 miles east of Willis to 1 mile north-northwest of Everest. Winds on this tornado are believed to be around 100mph. The maximum width was 200 yards.

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