A 67 Year Old Woman Learns How to Ride a Bike

Most people learn how to ride a bike when they are just a kid.

But one woman waited nearly seven decades to get on two wheels.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us one 67-year-old woman says now is the perfect time for her.

“I had 2 bad experiences in trying to learn how to ride a bike, so I just gave it up,” Snider said.

Despite that, 67-year-old Ann Snider says learning how to ride a bike is on her bucket list and it’s time she crossed it off.

“So what else would be more appropriate for me then to get good exercise and its something I’ve always wanted to do,” Snider said.

Snider is currently participating in the ICan Bike camp.

The 5 day camp is teaching 25 people with disabilities how to ride a bike.

To be successful in the learning process the bikes used are specially designed.

The camp director says it’s never to late for someone to learn.

“When we got the request for her to join it was, she’s the, this is our fourth year hosting this camp and we never had someone you know 65 and apply so, said why not,” Camp Director Cris Teter said.

Camp volunteers spend 75 minutes each day showing participants different techniques to balance properly on a bike.

“Anybody can learn how to ride a bike if they have the patience and have people there to help them like we do here at the bike camp,” Teter said.

Snider says now she’ll be able to go biking with her family.

“I have 2 nieces so we can all participate in something, a group activity that’s family and people I love,” Snider said.

Snider says the next item she’s tackling on her bucket list is water skiing.

You can sign up for the camp if you are 8 or older.

Tomorrow is the last day for the group to get hands on learning on the bikes.

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