Crop farmers in Hiawatha are recovering after hail storm

Farmers in Hiawatha are resting easy knowing their crops are in good shape even after the recent extreme weather.

Among the barns, homes and power lines that were damaged by the weather, crops took a beating as well.
In the town of Hiawatha, farmers are saying things could have been worse for them.
With torn leaves and broken stocks, Agriculture experts like Jeff Williams are estimating a low percentage of stock was damaged.
“It’s more of an emotional thing, to look out here and see your livelihood beat to a pulp whenever you put so much work,so much effort and so much investment into a crop and then overnight in the matter of an hour or two. You walk out you’re door the next morning and look at this, it’s very emotional.”Said Williams.

Williams says, the damaged corn stocks have already started growing back.
He believes 2 weeks from now, the crops will be back to normal.

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