Wichita pup gets face full of porcupine quills

GODDARD, Kan. (AP) — A boxer puppy in suburban Wichita has learned a painful lesson about porcupines: Leave them alone.

KWCH-TV reports (http://bit.ly/1hEiB0E ) a showdown with a porcupine left the pup, named Tatum, with a faceful of white quills. There were so many, in fact, that owner Gary Koenigs initially thought Tatum had a beard of chicken feathers.

The Goddard man says he pulled out about 50 quills Thursday morning, then took Tatum to Wichita for treatment at Animal Hospital of Auburn Hills.

There, Dr. Gary Stamps removed more than 200 quills in a half-hour surgery. Stamps said he’s only treated three other pets in similar situations during 23 years as a veterinarian.

Koenigs said Tatum is recovering at home, resting well. Stamps let the Koenigs family keep the quills as a keepsake.

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