Westar Energy crews working long hours due to storms

The Bern and Everest tornadoes, along with other severe storms around the state have pushed Westar engineers to the limit. In fact, they’ve been so busy that Westar has reached out for help.

This power line was one of many pulled down after an EF3 tornado hit the town of Bern on Tuesday night. Two days later, rare prevailing east winds pushed trees and power lines to the ground leaving nearly 1,500 customers without power in Topeka.

Since everything hit within hours of each other, Westar has needed the help says Westar Communication Representative, Leonard Allen.

“The storms over the last couple of weeks have really put us to work. Mother nature is flexing her muscle a little bit and we’ve had a lot of outages. We send crews out to every single one of those outages and we also have the ability to ask surrounding utilities for help.”Said Allen.

Allen says, crews work as long as it takes to get power restored to the people. Sometimes it can take hours just to find the source of the power outage.

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