Modern Weddings: Digital Dilemmas

A new survey finds brides-to-be are taking a new approach to social media sharing prior to their weddings.

The survey by retailer David’s Bridal finds many are keeping details secret to maintain an element of surprise.

“62 percent said ‘Hey, I don’t want my gown posted, presented, shared, before I get to the day.  that’s intended to be a surprise for my groom and also I want that to be a surprise to my guests in many ways’,” explains David’s Bridal Vice President Brian Beitler.

Beitler says the survey found a major concern for couples is that with one click, a wedding can go from intimate event to trending online.

Many are now asking guests not to post photos of the first dance and other key moments so that they can choose the best images later on.

Beitler says it’s become such an issue that 14-percent of brides are actually confiscating phones and cameras from guests.

Wedding planners say the best approach is to set clear ground rules ahead of the ceremony so that guests won’t be surprised when they’re asked not to share.

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