UPDATE: KDOC responds to Lansing Correctional Facilty incident

LANSING, Kan. (KSNT) According to Jeremy Barclay of the Kansas Department of Correction, over the course of last weekend there were three incidents involving officers and inmates. During the course of those three incidents six correctional officers suffered non-serious injuries resulting in no hospitalization and per agency policy all were checked out by doctors both for the officers health and workers comp regulations.

“The safety and security of our officers is always of paramount concern to the Kansas Department of Corrections. We maintain an operational staffing plan that maintains full staffing regardless of whatever the overtime might cost because the safety of our staff is important to us. Each shift last weekend at Lansing Correctional Facility maintained full staffing.

“As is always the case with an act of violence from an inmate toward a staff member we do take necessary administrative action on any inmate who commits an act of violence toward a correctional officer,” says Jeremy Barclay, spokesperson for KDOC.

Barclay stressed all three incidents were unrelated and occurred in different parts of the facility with no coordination between inmates.

“We have 27 vacancies of uniformed staff at Lansing correctional facility and are actively working on filling vacancies.”

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