Baby falcon falls off Westar Energy’s roof


Joule Making a Plan to bring Joule to the roofJoule back on the roof

TOPEKA, Kan.(KSNT)- One of the baby falcons on the roof of the Westar Energy building fell from the roof Saturday.

Brad Loveless, the Director of Biology and Conservation Projects for Westar Energy, says the baby, Joule, was learning to fly and somehow fell from the roof onto Kansas Boulevard. Westar security found Joule uninjured and Topeka Zoo personnel helped transfer the baby safely back to the nest on top of the 12 story building.

The company’s Green Team recently installed a modified falcon nest on the top of the building’s 150 ft. roof at 818 South Kansas Ave. On May 18, three eggs hatched and baby Joule, Meadow, and Faladay were born. Loveless says this is the perfect place for the birds to learn to fly because they have plenty of room to try out their new wings.

With all the excitement surrounding the new falcon family, Westar has also installed a live webcam where anyone can watch the birds and their daily activities on their website.

Loveless says he gets calls from people often, about birds they have seen in their communities that may be abandoned. He reminds people that they should stay away from the birds, as most often they are not actually abandoned but learning to fly. He says to let nature unfold by not moving them. Joule’s situation was very unique, as Westar had the resources to bring her back to her nearby nest.

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