Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

(WJAR)  70 year-old Peter Bristol is getting an infusion he hopes, over time, will prevent memory loss.  It started when the retired horticulturist started forgetting everyday things.

“The plant names, friends names,” Bristol says.

He was worried because his mother had Alzheimer’s, and his brother is currently living with the memory robbing disease.  So he came to Butler Hospital to undergo extensive memory testing which turned out to be normal.

But then he had a pet scan and it showed a buildup of amyloid protein, often a precursor to Alzheimer’s.  Bristol soon learned about a new prevention trial.

“This is really a landmark study because it opens a new chapter in the fight against Alzheimer’s and it puts the prevention of Alzheimer’s on par with the prevention of the other major diseases like heart disease and cancer,” says Dr. Stephen Salloway, a memory and aging specialist.

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