Stolen goods recovered near Carbondale

CARBONDALE, Kan. (KSNT) Osage County Deputies are sorting through thousands of dollars of recovered stolen property from a trailer in Carbondale.

Late Monday afternoon, acting on a tip, deputies took a search warrant to a trailer home near Carbondale.

“I don’t know that we expected to find as much as we found,” Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn said.

What Osage county deputies found  was a wide variety of stolen items and a small marijuana farm. Items include stolen enclosed and flatbed trailers, mowers, tools, and even construction equipment. Some of the items found date back to burglaries and thefts reported  last year, others were reported stolen just two days ago.Owners have already started to reclaim their property, but it may take a while to actually get it back.

“If you had serial numbers or VIN numbers on them after they’re stolen the  people involved in the possession of stole property or stealing it, remove the numbers and so it takes a little bit longer to get the stuff identified,” Dunn said.

The sheriff says it is still an on going investigation, any one with information related to the crimes are asked to call the Osage county sheriff’s office.

The sheriff wouldn’t tell Kansas First News how they got tipped to the operation, but neighbors tell us they saw an unusual amount of traffic passing through the area.

One person has been arrested, but it isn’t clear whether they were involved in the crimes.

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