15 marathons in 15 days

(KUSA)  Chris Robbie looks a lot like a guy you’d expect to run marathons: Thin and compact, full of energy.

But 15 marathons in as many days? It takes a special kind of man to do something as crazy as that.

Robbie is running to raise money for the  non-profit he founded called Enduring Communities solely to educate and improve small communities like the tiny Ugandan village that’s become his second home, Chito, Uganda, a tiny village where there is more poverty than coins, where residents live in one-room mud huts without electricity or running water.

“When I tell non-runners what I’m doing they’re like, ‘Is that even possible?’ Which is a good question,” Robbie laughs, “and then runners, when I tell them I’m doing 15 marathons, they’re like, ‘That’s doable, but it’s going to be really, really tough, both physically and mentally.”

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