Westar donates fans to Red Cross

(KSNT Photo/Rocky Arnold)

Thanks to a generous gift by Westar Energy, many folks in the Topeka area will get a break from the heat.

Westar gave a gift of 125 fans to the American Red Cross Operation heat Relief. Westar made the donation at 11 Wednesday morning at the American Red Cross in Topeka.

Free fans from the Red Cross program help people who are elderly, disabled or have low incomes. The program was started in 1988 for people who are at risk of heat-related illnesses because of no means to keep cool during our hot Kansas summers. Since that time, the Red Cross has given away nearly  8,000 fans to needy families and individuals.

To receive a fan, people must fill out a short form at the Red Cross, 1221 SW 17th Street, weekdays between 8 am and 4:30 pm.  In addition, applicants will need a photo identification card or a utility bill to verify their address. Due to high demand and limited quantities, the Red Cross allows one fan per address.


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