ComiCon in Hutchinson exceeds expectation

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — A comic book convention event in Hutchinson drew such a good turnout that ATMs at the site ran out of money and organizers are already thinking about next year.

About 60 exhibitors attended the Smallville ComicCon, which ran Saturday and Sunday at the Meadowlark Building in the State Fair Grounds. Up to about 1,500 people paid to get in Saturday, followed by at least 1,000 more Sunday.

“It has been a huge success,” said organizer Troy Robinson. “As far as it goes for the vendors, artists and writers, they all came with a specific goal in sales to make it a success for them, and all the vendors had made their goal by noon (Saturday).”

Participants, many of whom came wearing costumes of a favorite comic book character, posed for pictures with assorted superheroes and sci-fi characters, listened to speakers and bought comic books, costumes, action figures, games and jewelry. By Sunday afternoon attendees had spent so much that the two ATMs in the site had run of out of cash.

“And we were told that couldn’t happen,” Robinson said.

Troy Robinson’s son Terrence, a senior at Hutchinson High School, ran the Blue Box Comics and Collectibles booth. He was hoping to make $200, but instead made more than $2,000 with three hours to go Sunday.

Christopher Wietrick, who helped persuade the City Council to proclaim Hutchinson “Smallville” for Thursday through Sunday, praised organizers for the event’s success. Smallville was the title of a television series set in a fictional Kansas town where Clark Kent lived before he became “Superman.”

“It’s amazing to see all the people here in costume, having fun,” he said. “It’s a lot bigger turnout than I ever expected. . We’re already thinking about year two.”

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