Man, grandson prepare for Missouri River Race

CONCORDIA, Mo. (AP) — A 71-year-old northwest Missouri man and his grandson plan to tackle year’s Missouri American Water race with a homemade canoe.

Ken Wodrich built the canoe they’ll use in the grueling, three-day trek across Missouri out of wood from his farm northeast of Concordia.

Scott Mansker, race official for the Missouri American Water MR340, says homemade kits in previous races have been from kits. He says it’s unusual to see a canoe made from raw wood.

 Wodrich cut the trees for the canoe about five years ago, and made some small furniture with it. He consulted a book to build the canoe out of about 64 strips of wood. It took about three months.

The race runs July 8-11, between Kansas City and St. Charles.

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