Thousands of bees discovered in front of Topeka home

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) Mother nature came knocking at one Topeka homeowner’s yard and she wasn’t very welcomed.

Imagine going out into your front yard and discovering a large swarm of bees, thousands of bees.

That’s what Jose Tetuan found when he was cutting his yard late Monday.

“We just thought it was a couple of them, we went around the tree and it was a million bees it was like a tornadic thing,” Tetuan said.

Jose called animal control for help, no luck, they don’t deal with bees.

But they suggested a local firefighter and bee keeper might help.

“Typically at this time of the year all of the hives and swarms have already been generated on where they’re going to live,” Bee Keeper Daniel Meredith said.

Meredith suggested simply waiting for the bees to leave, Jose wanted them gone now.

So Meredith began soothing them with smoke to get them into a box.

The key, keeping them alive.

“I think the population for the bees are dying off and if I can help keep them going, that’s what I’m here to do,” Meredith said.

For the Tetuans, alive or dead, they just want the bees to buzz away.

“It’s a big scary because we have a lot of relatives come over, and friends, and we’re afraid for all their safety,” Tetuan said.

Since Meredith is a bee keeper, and Jose doesn’t want them, Meredith says he’ll keep the bees that he catches.

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