Cracking down on barking

(KVLY)  A heated debate is dividing the town Wadena, Minnesota. A new pet ordinance has passed, and some in the community are calling it ridiculous.

The ordinance says pets in certain parts of town can’t bark, or make noise from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Many, including the town’s Humane Society are saying it’s inhumane to keep dogs quiet for 17 hours.

“They didn’t like the consistent barking because when they start they don’t quit,” says Jody Grossinger, who lives next door to the Humane Society.

After hearing complaints, the City of Wadena decided that a 17 hour quiet time for commercial zones would help keep the peace. It would include the Humane Society and surrounding neighborhood.

“That’s extreme, I mean you can’t tell a dog, okay you can bark from this time to this time, but from this time to this time you need to be quiet,” says Grossinger.

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