Safety a top priority at Country Stampede

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) Thousands of campers are gathered around Tuttle Creek Lake for the 2014 edition of the Country Stampede.

What would an outdoor festival be without heat, humidity and the threat of rain and lightning.

Tents are pitched and the RV’s are parked as 40,000 people attend the Country Stampede.

But will you be safe?

Even before the event officially kicked off, ten people needed medical assistance.

Three of whom got carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I think several things contributed, last night we had very little wind moving through,” Director of Emergency & EMS Services Larry Couchman said.

Things like diesel powered generators too close to sleeping areas.

The security and medical team at the country stampede say they’re prepared for the unexpected.

But there are things you can expect, high temps and high humidity just don’t mix with alcohol.

“Basically we have a small emergency room here on the festival grounds and then those that may need further treatment or tertiary care treatment then we transport them by ambulance to Mercy Regional Health Center,” Couchman said.

The biggest tips from EMT’s; stay hydrated, wear sun screen and if your going to drink alcohol, do it in moderation.

The festival staff will keep a close eye on the weather.

“We’re monitoring that all the time just to see when those big storms if they are going to happen and just take what we feel is appropriate from there,” Tuttle Creek State Park Manager Todd Lovin said.

But for the most part, common sense is your best, safest friend.

Four of those needing medical treatment had to be taken to area hospitals.

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