Mother’s tribute to late marine son is returned

(WAVE) A balloon released in a Marine’s memory found its way back to his mother for the second year in a row.

On March 14, 2012 Theresa Bowles- Schweizer’s son, Marine Cpl. Brandon Bowles, passed away. He died in a car accident after serving two tours overseas.

To help cope with his loss a year later Theresa and her family released balloons with messages to Brandon and the response she received was just the hope and encouragement she needed.

Former Marine Larry Umbarger found the balloon on his farm in Groseclose, Virginia nearly 400 miles away. He managed to contact Theresa and after a long, tearful phone conversation he sent her back the balloon.

One year later, Theresa released another single balloon along with a message for her son, she signed her name.

This time the balloon was found 260 miles away when John Wood was walking along a dried up creek on his property in Amesville, Ohio with his girlfriend Julie and the deflated balloon caught his eye.

Another phone call and another reunion with a balloon launched in her sons honor.

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