Washburn holds public memorial for Steve Anson

Hundreds of people gather to pay respects for Washburn baseball coach Steve Anson.

TOPEKA – The Washburn baseball family said goodbye to longtime coach Steve Anson at a public memorial Monday afternoon.

“Steve was a great mentor he would really bleed Washburn and it was great to be around him,” Washburn men’s basketball assistant coach Dave Brown said. “I learned a great deal from him about Washburn and he loved this place and really had a great relationship with him.”

Anson spent 35 seasons in the dugout for the Ichabods and won more than 800 games at Washburn.

“It feels great to see all of the support he had,” Former Washburn pitcher Danny Cook said. “I’m not surprised to see all these people out here. We’ll all miss him dearly.”

Anson died following a tree trimming accident last Sunday.

“What I enjoyed about him most is that he was friends with everybody,” Former Kansas State baseball coach Phil Wilson said. “I mean he made friends, he induced friends, he was always there for everybody. I don’t think there was anybody that did not like Steve Anson. He wasn’t afraid to try things.”

Anson started his baseball career as a player at Kansas State, and something special stood out to former K-State coach Phil Wilson while he was recruiting Anson.

“The thing that I saw in him as a young man is that he never quit,” Wilson said. “He had all the tools; he could run, he could throw, and he could hit. I knew he would be a good coach because he had the heart, and he had the desire. The biggest thing is that he never forgot the game. And what a wonderful ambassador he’s been.”


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