Meat salesmen banned from Kansas spotted back in the state

Two meat salesmen who have been banned from doing business in Kansas have once again been spotted in the state, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today.

Rodney Y. Creighton and Christopher L. Maselka were each prohibited from operating in Kansas in a 1998 court order for violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. At the time, they were operating under the name America’s Choice Steak, Inc. The attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division has received reports that Creighton and Maselka have again been operating in Kansas under the names Iowa Steak, Direct Foods and UR Local Butcher.

Schmidt reminded consumers that under Kansas law, any door-to-door sale must include a three-day right to cancel, and the salesperson must inform the consumer of this right both verbally and in writing at the time of the sale. Anyone selling meat in Kansas is also required to have a retail meat license from the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

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