A Firefighter’s Fourth of July

Battalion Chief Darrin Daniels has seen amputations, eye injuries, burns, and scars while working on the Fourth of July. He’s hoping this year will be different.
The start of his day was pretty quiet. He went to two house alarms set off from cooking. Neither resulted in a fire.

He says most of the calls will come in the evening. He expects 4-10 more calls before he ends his shift Saturday morning.

Later calls do give him and other firefighters some relief from the heat.
It’s not easy carrying 90 pounds worth of gear and equipment during calls when the thermometer soars above 70-degrees.

When firefighters at the Shawnee Heights Fire District receive a call, they’ll be fully geared and driving to the scene in under three minutes. The truck can be anywhere in their district between 11-13 minutes.

His department has only one full time officer. They have 40 on-call firefighters.
He hopes that he wont need their help on the Fourth.


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