Journey of Hope Riders make their way through Topeka

Ethan McGee

Several fraternity members are biking more than 2,000 miles to raise money for people with disabilities.

“I’ve seen some incredible people, just absolutely incredible,” said Brantley Wells, Journey of Hope cyclist.

Members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity have been biking from Washington State, and are heading to D.C. On the way, they are meeting with people with disabilities to hear their stories.
On Sunday, riders made their way through Topeka, meeting with Ethan McGee and his family at TARC.

“Most people know about the biking that the guys do, but it’s really not about that, that’s just kind of a tool that we use,” said Matt Franklin, equipment manager with Journey of Hope.

Ethan suffered from a rare form of epilepsy at birth, and just a few days after he was born, had a stroke. Doctors did not expect him to walk, but now, he’s not only walking, but learning to ride a bike.

“It’s a big day when he’s accomplished a new milestone and we consider that a milestone and just keep working at it everyday,” said Emily McGee, Ethan’s Mother.

For the handful of college students cycling across the country, these moments are what make the more than 2,000 mile trek, worthwhile.

“You know that’s what helps me get up every morning, I know that’s what gets the guys on the bikes every morning, so that’s been really cool,” said Franklin.

“Can you say it’s good? It’s good.”

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