Kansas hospitals may get healthier meals

health food

According to The Topeka Capitol Journal, a statewide initiative launched by the Kansas Hospital system will force Topeka hospitals to reassess their food choices and find ways to encourage better food choices.

Approximately 50 hospitals in Kansas, including Stormont Vail, have agreed to assess their food and drink practices and make necessary changes to promote their employees and visitors to make healthier choices. Some hospitals already have policies in place to encourage better eating habits, but their approaches and enforcement vary widely.

The Kansas Hospital Association suggests that facilities offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, stop offering fried foods, and display nutrition labels clearly. They also say that they recognize that solutions won’t be one size fits all for every hospital.

The Association has surveyed current hospital cafeteria choices and found that 51 percent of the food items purchased meet Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic health standards, which has increased from 38 percent from a 2011 survey.

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