Player suspended after fight on diamond

Tempers flared during Tuesday’s Mid-Plains League baseball game between the Rossville Rattlers and Topeka Senators where punches were thrown.

Andrew Ratterman from the Rossville Rattlers is suspended indefinitely and will not be allowed to play in the Mid-Plains League.

“There were players that I believe left the bench but no other players were involved,” Randy Luebbe, Recreation Director for Shawnee County Parks and Recreation said. “They broke it up. The game was canceled I believe at that time. The staff, scorekeepers, umpires did a very good job at the scene.”

Topeka Senators pitcher Scott Shinn, who is from Rossville, was ejected earlier in the game for hitting multiple batters.

“Sports are competitive by nature,” Brian Toby, Athletics Supervisor for Shawnee County Parks and Recreation said. “Everybody wants to win, that’s why you play. However, you have to learn to be good sports and that’s what we try to teach especially in today’s sports environment. Sometimes fans and parents may ride an official or something like that and that’s part of it too.”

Shawnee County Parks and Recreation has a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct, not just in baseball, but for all of its activities.

An additional umpire was added to Wednesday’s series finale between the Rattlers and Senators.

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