State board of education will continue to use computer standardized tests

The state board of education will continue using math and reading tests in public schools even though this years test was a failure.

The decision comes a day after the board decided not to make this year’s test results public.

“Test scores are just one way that certified teachers assess students,” KNEA’s Director of Communications Marcus Baltzell said.

The $4.6 million program was plagued with cyber attacks and computer glitches.

While the board won’t publish the test results, they say the tests can be used in local schools for each grade level.

“So that can give, provide schools and teachers an area of, where they may need to, want to do, have some focus for the coming school year,” the board’s Director of Communications Denise Kahler said.

The board says this was a pilot year for the new testing program, they weren’t expecting everything to go as planned.

Former teacher Baltzell says deciding not to release the scores isn’t a serious problem.

“Whether it’s paper and pencil or a computer-aided test or what ever it is that’s just one assessment tool,” Baltzell said.

The board says it will tweak the tests and try again this year.

A board spokesperson says modifying the testing program won’t cost the state any additional money.

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