Bad wheat harvest doesn’t just hurt Kansans

The Kansas wheat harvest may be one of the worst on record and experts say the decrease in wheat doesn’t just hurt Kansans.

The U.S. department of Agriculture predicts Kansas will harvest 244 million bushels of wheat this year, the worst harvest since 1989.

Kansas State University Climatologist Mary Knapp says the bad harvest reaches across the country.

The drought leads to less hay production-which means fewer cattle that turns into fewer meat products on the shelf and higher prices. It also affects the economy.

Then it starts trickling out into the community so if the wheat farmer has a very low production and a very low income, he’s not going to go out and buy the machine upgrades that he might have otherwise. That means there’s going to be less money floating around in the community being used and turned over many times so it’s going to have a dragging effect on the entire economy.”

Knapp says rain came too late to help the wheat production.


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