Foul ball hits 4 year old, shatters forehead

(WTLV) A brave 4-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was hit by a foul ball when the Jacksonville Suns took on the Chattanooga Lookouts Saturday night.

Brian Stotler said it happened during the twelfth inning when his son, Noah, asked him if he could play on his phone. While the boy’s head was down, the ball hit him in the face and shattered his forehead.

No one saw the ball hit Noah in the face, adding to the confusion when Noah’s health started to worsen over the next two hours. Brian said his son was acting normal, but he had the EMTs at the stadium check him out just to be sure. The EMTs also said Noah appeared to be fine.

“He didn’t have any marks on him and he wasn’t crying really,” said Debby Stotler, Noah’s mom.

Brian took the boys home, and that’s when Noah’s mood and appearance started to change.

“He started vomiting, and then we realized he might have a concussion,” Debby said.

The Stotler’s rushed their boy to the hospital. Noah underwent a CT scan that revealed the ball shattered his forehead and caused an epidural hematoma.

Doctors performed a craniotomy and put titanium plates and screws in his head to repair the damage.

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