Alternative Routes to get to Fiesta Mexicana

The worst idea is to come in from the west and the best is by coming down from north Topeka.

If you’re headed to this year’s festival there will be a lot of closed roads because of street construction.

“The police department will close the Branner Bridge, probably around eight o’clock each night,” Head of the Grounds Crew Felipe Rangel said.

If you’re going to drive to the festival yourself, be mindful of the street signs, Oakland has many one way street signs.

You can get into the Oakland neighborhood where the fiesta is through the Sardou Bridge, the Oakland Expressway and River Road.

There’s also the public trolly, which charges one dollar for each person and five dollars for a family.

“City parking lot there 8th and Madison, runs everyday between 5:30 and 11:30,” Rangel said.

Remember since there is construction on interstate 70 several of the exits are closed as well.

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