New FCC regulations on ‘Net Neutrality’

The Computer Store, Topeka
The Computer Store, Topeka

(KSNT) The Federal Communications Commission is struggling over how to regulate the internet.

The issue is something called Net Neutrality,” which simply means internet that is open to everyone equally, no matter how much you may pay every month for internet service.

Internet services like Facebook, Google and twitter say without the proposed regulations, internet providers could set up a two-tier system. This could cost them and their customers more money but big cable companies are opposed saying it’s their right to dictate where the broadband goes based on what their customers want and use.

“The promise of all these speeds, that sounds nice to the common person, but as a bigger aspect, looking at it as not just the internet itself but as a society this hurts us as a society.” said Network Engineer Donnie Jones from The Computer Store.

There have been a lot of response to this. The FCC has extended the public comment period to Friday.

To comment on FCC Net Neutrality Regulations, go to

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