New measles warning

The new warning from state health officials comes as the number of reported cases is growing at an alarming rate nationally. Kansas is now one of the 20 states where the disease has appeared.

The year is barely half over and already the US has had more reported cases of measles at any time in 14 years. The simplest way you can prevent yourself or your loved ones from getting the disease is by getting vaccinated.

Children are the ones who typically contract measles, but recent cases in the state show that you can get it at any age.

“People at high risk for sever illness do to measles include infants, children under 5, adults over 20, pregnant women or anyone with a compromised immune system,” spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Aimee Rosenow said.

So far this year there have been 566 measles cases in the us and 18 outbreaks in 20 states. The KDHE says 11 of those cases are in Kansas.

“3 cases in Johnson County and 8 cases in Sedgwick County,” Rosenow says.

The spike is alarming health officials who say confirmed cases of measles in the US had actually dropped dramatically in the past decade.

Now, the disease is reappearing. Most are people who have not been immunized with the MMR, or measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, are too young to be vaccinated or have come to the US from another country.

Symptoms of the disease are fever, blotchy rash, cough, and runny nose.

“We recommend that children 12 to 15 months get their MMR vaccine and then again before kindergarten,” Rosenow said.

Measles is a respiratory disease. That means it can be spread from one person to another four days before and four days after the rash appears.

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