Why tasers are a critical tool for officers


MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) Five years after first adopting the use of stun guns the Riley County Police Department is about to get an upgrade.

The department says the weapons have become a critical tool for officers. They say tasers are not a substitute for guns but rather a tool to stall suspects.

Using volunteers, including some of the news media, they showed how the devices can disable a person long enough to handcuff them.

“Tasers save lives, they save injury to officers, they save injuries to suspects,” says RCPD Tim Chuck  “In turn, it saves taxpayer money because you’re going to have to pay for those medical bills and obviously, any time we can save a life using a taser, it’s a win-win.”

All on-duty officers at the Riley County Police Department now carry tasers.

The police department has used tasers 27 times in the last year.


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