Kansas floatline fishing season begins

According to The Topeka Capitol Journal, floatline fishing season is only two -months long and open to only 12 select areas within the state, but for Channel Cat anglers looking to get an edge out in the water , this season is the highlight of the summer.

Also referred to as jug fishing, floatline fishing consists of placing a floating device in the water that has been fitted with a line, hook and weight. The float drifts freely, suspending the baited hook in the water.  When the floating device or jug moves, you’ve got a bite.

In Kansas, floating fishing is allowed from sunrise to sunset from July 15 through Sept.15 at the following reservoirs: Council Grove, Elk City,Fall River, Glen Elder, Hillsdale, John Redmond, Kanopolis, Lovewell, Pamona, Toronto, Tuttle Creek, and Wilson.

Anglers are allowed up to eight floatlines, which must all be under immediate supervision of the angeler, and removed from the water when the fish ceases.


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