Moving day for state workers – at least for some

The Docking State Office Building, scheduled to be demolished starting in 2015.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Hundreds of state employees were talking Monday about the latest update on plans to relocate several state agencies in advance of the upcoming demolishing of the state-owned Docking Building.

The letter was sent late Friday to employees of the Departments of Revenue, Children and Families, Administration, Office of Personnel Services, KDOA Facilities employees as well as the Capitol Police.

The letter, sent by Mark McGivern the Director of Facilities and Procurement Management, generally let workers within the building know how the relocation process is proceeding and what to expect in coming weeks.

One specific note was that the Officer of Personnell Services on the fourth floor of the building has found a new home at the nearby Landon office building and will be moving out of its current home in coming weeks.

For the rest of the departments, however, relocation is months into the future as the state begins the process of negotiating leases.

Writes McGivern “..the heads of each agency affected in the decommissioning are currently reviewing and evaluating said proposals.”

Saying his office couldn’t give any specifics as to what’s under consideration, McGivern did promise employees, “When future locations are determined and moving dates are established, our agency will communicate those details with you before they will be shared with the media or any outside party.”

The state has already begun tearing out some of the Docking building’s interior, saying all salvageable materiel, such as doors and furniture, is being taken off of already vacant floors.

Kansas First News received several phone calls last week from state employees who were aware of the work, and expressed concern about asbestos from the aged heating and cooling system.

The letter says none of the work will affect existing operations by agencies still in the building, except “…a little extra noise…” and the letter urged employees to “…please help to keep rumors from spreading.”

The state hopes to have all the agencies relocated by next summer. No date has been set yet for demolition.

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