Summer heat causes health issues

TOPEKA (KSNT) – In the summer, body temperature is often influenced by the air temperature. The hottest temperature in recent recorded history 134 degrees in Death Valley, CA. We’ve hit a record of 121 degrees in the state of Kansas – but we average 91 degrees for this time of the year.

Official temperatures are actually taken in the shade to make sure we get true readings of the air’s temperature, but when you’re out in the sun it’s much hotter because you are also receiving direct rays from the sun. That means a temperature of 105-degrees in the shade, might be more like 130 when you factor the impact from the sun’s rays.

It takes air temperatures over 150 degrees to raise your core body temperature to 104 while you’re in the shade – so while it never gets hot enough in Kansas to kill you, what you do in that heat can make all the difference. Essentially, it’s not just the heat – it’s the humidity.

– Kansas First News Storm Track Meteorologist, Kyle Borchert

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