A rash of local copper wire thefts

WAMEGO (KSNT) – A Wamego tennis court has been left in the dark after the court’s light poles became the latest victim in a rash of local copper thefts.

This tennis court isn’t going to be used much at night because these light poles have no power.

“Somebody gained entry into the poles, cut the cables or the electrical wire and pulled them out of the ground,”Wamego Chief of Police Michael D. Baker said.

Six poles have been stripped of the copper wires that feeds the lights power.

“So We’re trying to figure out how much they really got and that kind of stuff, pulling new wire in, pulling old wire out that’s damaged,” Superintendent of Wamego Electrical Department Rick Brazzle said.

The poles were stripped all the way to this transformer box. Wamego Police say about three to five hundred pounds of copper wire was stolen.

There are two types of copper wire. Copper wire one has the insulation wrapped around it and copper wire two doesn’t have the insulation wrapped around it and can be sold for a profit.

Hundreds of pounds of copper, worth as much as $2.50 a pound.

Copper theft has become such a problem locally the Riley County Police Department recently asked victims of previous, unreported thefts to contact them.

As for Wamego’s problem, the city council has yet to decide how or when it can repair its now useless lights.

Wamego Police will be offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest for the thefts.

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